Websites, books, magazines, where guys give girls advice?

I noticed websites and magazines have women giving other women dating advice. He wants this or that will turn him off, etc... What about hearing it from the horses mouth? you know? So are there any other websites besides this one where the guy gives straight up blunt answers about things that girls ask other girls?

  • I trust my same sex friend when he or she gives me dating advice. They give good advice.
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  • Girls giving girls dating advice and guys giving guys dating advice just doesn't work.
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I meant if there are any other sites not just this one. And this website does suffice, absolutely. :)


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  • My mates couldn't score in a brothel, so why would I follow their advice? lol


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  • Some girls' magazines offer male editors for advice columns.


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  • Why would this website not suffice? It is precisely what you are asking after.


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