Girls, what do look for in a guy when it comes to physical looks?

I'm just wondering because I'm not that physically attractive, yet I get along with girls a lot.


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  • I don't know tbh, I just see a cute guy and get attracted, I guess the best things a guy can have going for himself are getting contacts if they need glasses, I find it easier to attract to guys w/o glasses, minimum acne, if it's a problem there are meds that can help, physical fitness (not looking for abs but just not someone who's chunky if you know what I mean), good hair is a big part, styling it with gel is always good if it's short, if it's the old Justin Bieber style that's all right too. That's about all I can think of, I mean dressing is major too, you gotta dress preppy, sporty, or swaggy to win me over personally. Just gotta be clean too ya know, no gross eye goobers or dirty fingernails, lol! But yeah just making an effort with your appearance and a great personality that has a flirty vibe should turn some heads! Good luck!

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