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Okay so today (about 4pm my time) I went out to water my plants and I saw a guy sleeping on concrete steps out my apartment. I live in a college town and this guy was a younger guy, probably in college. I've sat on those steps before but was really confused on why he was sleeping on them (never seen him before). I was torn between letting him sleep and seeing if he was okay. I texted my mom and she told me to go check on him. I went outside and tried to wake him up, and he didn't wake up. He still had muscle control but it looked like he was sleeping. I'm a CNA but was still confused on what to do so I facebook messaged a nurse I know and she told to call for help because he could have been a diabetic and been in an emergency. I called the police, they sent help, and while trying to talk to him it was clear something was up; he seemed awake but not "with it" he didn't really open his eyes or talk but nodded his head and smiled. After awhile they got him to stand up and found out that he was drunk and lived in a building over.

I didn't care he was there, I just wanted to make sure he was okay. I told my friend what happened and he told me NEVER to try to wake someone up, just call the cops. Now I was a lifeguard, building supervise (first aid/cpr certified), and am now a nurses aid so I don't understand why you wouldn't try helping someone who was randomly passed out. I probably would have called the cops if they guy looked less clean cut or dangerous, but I didn't see this guy as a threat.

So if you saw someone passed out would you help, or just call the cops straight away? Also, were taught one way or another? (please specify where you live if that matters and what type of people you would/would not help.)

*for the poll imagine you saw a younger guy/girl, possibly in college*

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  • Yes, we had a girl who was walking in the middle of the road
    and she appeared out of it and she was saying where is the world
    we called the cops and saved her life they came and took her
    There was a homeless man in McDonald's appeared to be a
    diabetic, sweating, running to the bathroom but i went over to
    him and ask him if he needed me to buy him a meal and he was
    quite timid but said yes and the poor guy ate like there was no
    tomorrow but the guy could been diabetic and high blood sugars
    can also mimic low blood sugars so you gotta be careful.


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  • I grew up in a city of over a million and I was taught first aid and lifeguarding for the express purpose to being able to recognize and help if someone needed it. I wouldn't let an apparent medical emergency lure me into an isolated place, and my city girl instincts are always against putting myself in a position where I'm cornered, but if I saw someone apparently unconscious, I would immediately check on him, even if he looked like a street person. Some medical emergencies require faster attention than the ambulance can get there.
    I got tested on this once, with a guy who reeked of alcohol and was having a heart attack on a main street in broad daylight and everyone else was just walking by. I called the ambulance and gave first aid until it got there.


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  • I certainly wouldn't call the police. While I don't know whether you are actually American, this sounds very "American". Americans can be great people but unfortunately they're some of the most suspicious people on planet earth. Everything and everyone is a potential threat to them and so the act of calling the cops often seems just like a natural thing to do. In my country, we have a very low crime rate and people generally trust each other a lot. It happens very, very rarely that I get into a situation where I actually feel scared about someone or threatened and because of this, calling the cops would most likely not even come to me (I wouldn't even think of it).
    I think rather than checking on a person like this, I would most likely let him lie there, assuming he is simply sleeping. I admit that this might be a bad thing to do in some occasions but I think it also has to do with my culture. Again, I don't know if you are actually American but checking on this guy was also quite an American thing to do I think. Americans - and this is definitely a positive cultural trait - are extremely caring person. They're always worried about other people being fine (this is also why you'll find at least 10 signs in a typical American subway station warning you to not hit your head and not get too close to the tracks etc. etc..). In Switzerland on the other, we tend to be much more reserved. One typical aspect of our mentality/culture is that "I don't mind your business, so please don't mind my business". While we do feel solidarity for each other in a political sense (on a macro-level) we don't want to get involved in other people's lives too much... particularly if these people are strangers. Of course I would help somebody if it was clear that this person needs help but if a guy was simply sleeping somewhere or lying around drunk I would probably ignore him because I'm too reserved to approach him and because it's none of my business and so I shouldn't get involved. I'd just think "okay well he might be drunk and sleeping there for a few hours and after that he'll get up and go away again."

    • Yes I am American and I mainly called the cops because I had the phone number and didn't know if he was injured or sick. I really wasn't threatened by him. Even though I called for help the other side of me was thinking to just leave him alone.

    • Yeah, I think calling someone is actually a good choice in some situations if you're not sure if the person is okay or not. I just wonder why you called the cops instead of calling 911, which I would have done. I mean... if we assume that this was had maybe taken some drugs and was in serious danger, wouldn't it make more sense to call an ambulance? What can a bunch of cops do if he needs medical help? Sure, they can then call an ambulance but by that time, it might already be too late...

    • I called them cause I had the number for the police department in from of me and didn't think anything of it at the time.

  • Yes. As a matter of fact, I helped an older lady outside of the grocery store the other day. She was having trouble with her motorized cart. I went into the store and one of the employees went out to take care of her. Granted, all I did was get the employees to help her, but I did do what I could.

    • I would have called the cops. You never know - he might pull a knife or gun on you/me.

  • They might be homeless because they shoot themselves up with drugs. I don't want crazy druggies attacking me.


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  • I would find out what wrong with him/find out if they're okay. It's moments like this that could determine whether or not someone lives or dies.

    It's good that the guy was only drunk but I'm just glad you tried to find out/seek help because some people will just keep walking.

  • I think you did the right things.

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