Do you believe in "Red string of Fate"?

The red string of fate is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend and is also used in Japanese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red cord around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger.
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Also.. The string may get knots, may get worn but cannot be broken.


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  • I think it's a very cute idea and looking at how incredibly small the odds were of my girlfriend and me finding each other and becoming a couple, it emotionally feels like there must be something like that.
    However, I don't believe in fate (a least not in a religious/mystic sense) and so rationally I have to reject such a concept.

    • Do you believe in Chaos theory?

    • You mean like the butterfly effect, that sort of thing? No, not really. I mean... I can't say anything about the actual chaos theory because I'm not a mathematician but I don't believe in the thing laymen like the two of us call chaos theory.
      I mostly believe in two things: one is coincidences. The other one is rather hard to explain in just a few sentences. I believes there's no "fate" in a religious sense but I also don't believe in free will. I believe in something we could perhaps call psychological and/or social determination. I believe that we are all bound to do certain things and live our lives in certain ways because of who we are and the whole social environment we live in (both microscopically such as your closest family members, as well as macroscopically, such as the culture you grew up in). To understand my point, think of this story that famous German philosopher Immanuel Kant once wrote down when he was discussing the philosophical problems of the notion of free will:

    • There's a man who lives in small town. One day when he is done at work he walks home and suddenly thinks "How strange... I could do anything I want right now. I truly have free will. I could go to a bar right now and get completely drunk. Or I could meet a friend I haven't seen in a long time. I could go back to work and work even more. I could also undress myself and run naked through the streets. I could rob a bank or I could ascend the church steeple and jump down. I could even leave the city walls, walk out to the world without telling anyone about it and never ever come back again. Yet, with my free will I choose to walk home now and have dinner with my wife."
      Obviously, Kant meant the last sentence sarcastically. While we believe in everyday life that we possess free will, we don't. This has nothing to do with a god existing or not but with our own life. The man didn't "choose" to go home to his wife, he was forced to do so by the circumstances of his own existence.

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  • This is similar to the Ancient Greek belief that humans were originally created by Prometheus as four-headed, four-armed and four-legged. Now Zeus didn't perceive humans to be a good thing, so he separated the human into two, ultimately cursing them by removing their other half. This is often interpreted by believers that thus, the meaning of life is to find that other half. It's a rather lovely perspective, and I'd love to believe in it. Yet life is complex and so are humans.

    • I had heard something like this but didn't know it originated in Greece. I love the idea of such things.

    • I know! It's lovely :)

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  • It's cool and different because it's "Asian". But it doesn't make it any more true than the stories about Cupid in the west.

    • Maybe things like this happen. I mean Science is not able to explain every damn thing in the world.

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    • Haha. Let me rephrase then: I am very optimistic that one day science will be able to answer our questions :P I'm probably rational yeah, but I don't feel I am pessimistic. I can even appreciate the concept of the red string, and think it's nice one. I just don't think it is true.

    • I cannot change that belief or rather non-belief :) So I would resist commenting. :D

  • I've heard of it in Japanese anime and manga, and I hope it's real coz I feel it's so touching to know that the one for you turned out to be that person you met one fateful day / night.

    • Its so hopeful <3 and so meaningful. Can you suggest me some good anime series I can watch?

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    • Sure, maybe give me your thoughts or comments on them as you watch? I'd be interested to hear from your point-of-view :)

    • For sure :) I'd follow you.

  • Never heard it. But it's a great concept : D
    Very cute...


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