Does anyone know any entertaining anime?

I am so bored! I am really into Shoujo. Can someone please help me!!!


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  • I don't really know which one is Shoujo and Shounen, I always mix them up, so I think you should just watch Baccano! and Durarara (in that order), and honestly, if you haven't seen Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, then you need to watch that too because it's the objectively best anime ever made.


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  • Oh so you want a shoujo one?
    Hmm.. I am not sure what you have already watched.

    But I would recommend:
    - Vampire Knight
    - Vampire Knight Guilty
    - The Rose of Versailles
    - Ouran High School Host Club
    - Fruit Basket
    - Kaichou wa Maid-sama
    - Ao Haru Ride

    Usually, I don't watch shoujo,
    I would rather read it in Manga.
    But this is what I watched.

    • I already watch them. thnx thou...

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    • of? Of? what? Also, no I haven't seen the one you just mention thanks.

    • Hahah I just corrected a typo in my comment. xD
      "The top of* my head"

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  • Anime and entertaining don't belong in the same sentence with each other, but that's just one man's opinion. :)

    And I'm a nerd! lol

    • so you think it boring? Huh?

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    • Oh I C. I am biased too then. I love watch anime so much that sometimes I start talking like them. Like yesterday, I kept saying thank thank thank you very much without thinking. I probably looked stupid. hahaha

    • ROFL. Hey, everyone likes different things. I was being facetious in my answer anyway - about anime and entertaining not mixing. My best friend LOVES anime, but I hate when he talks about it. lol. :P

      But Titan A. E. was flippin' awesome.

      Oh, and the Riddick Chronicles, while I haven't watched the anime versions, are probably f'ing awesome. :)

  • Clannad
    Kanon 2006

    Really depends what you like
    rather than just "shoujo" ^.^

  • Cory in the House. Best anime ever in existance x 1000

  • try lots of English dubbed anime to choose from, as well as English sub-titled.

    • How do I choose?

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    • Yeah but without having any info how the hell am I suppose to make up my mind?

    • click on something and when it opens, it will give a description of when it is about.

  • whats shoujo

    • Anime targeted to young women! lol I can't believe you don't know that. For example, Boys over Flowers...

    • sorry , not heard of it,

    • not even worked out if male or female ask the question. lol. new here

  • Death note is the only one I've ever liked. It's not girly but it's not action packed either. It's just good.

    • I watch a little of it before. I might give it a shot.

    • stick with it. it's worth it.

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  • No anime is entertaining! 😛

    • That is quite literally one of the most incorrect statements I have ever read stated by anyone

  • I usually prefer Shoujo manga over anime. Most of the anime I watch is Shounen. I could suggest you some of those.

    • ok go for it.

    • Ouran Highschool Host Club
      Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
      Skip Beat
      Gakuen Alice
      Fruits Basket
      Vampire Knight
      Kiss Him Not Me (that's one of the many English names. I don't know what it was called in Japanese)

      I think most of these have anime too, but I read the manga.