I feel like I am a failure?

I'm 18 years old, 5"8, 160 lbs with slight muscle, I am Indian, but not cocky or perverted. I'm polite, kind, slightly funny, have dreams, goals. It's just all girls blow me off, not even the super attractive ones, but all girls. I'm usually confident and polite. I work out at the gym, play video games, watch movies, and study hard. These girls (and guys) have their own cliques and often aren't looking for new people. Sometimes, they ignore my messages or reply weeks later. WTF. I don't do anything bad, I'm not an asshole, I don't screw with people, I'm a nice person! It just seems like people don't even give me a chance to make friends with them. I don't talk much in class or smile often, and am very serious. When I do say hi, we just stay aquaintances or sometimes, I even get ignored over a hi. My friends enjoy hanging with me (only 1 girl is in our small group). I just don't understand, I'm so confused with my life right now and I need guidance and help. By not having friends, I miss out on the pop culture (movies, video games, music, TV shows) my peers enjoy. And that's why I missed out on some things as a kid, like female friends, Playstation, strategies to get good grades (had good grades til high school, as i felt depressed that I had few friends), and even a fucking prom date. I was a rather shy and introverted kid in middle school, but tried to change it around in high school. At least I talked to way more people. I feel like a failure, since I had low grades (got into uni and will study computer science) and had very few friends and had NO girlfriend, prom date, and am still a virgin. I am shy, but love meeting new people and am very nice and sweet.

we get along in class, but don't get invited to group hangouts or parties


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  • you are to young to be a failure

    • Pretty much. Your life is only beginning, how can you know you're a failure already?

    • @Resoglass I mean that I've missed out on some opportunities as a kid. like prom and having friends in high school.

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