Girls, opinions please?

What kind of things do you like in a guy? I struggle with girls not gonna lie, I'm not too confident with them in a flirt way but i talk to them a lot. What things would attract u in a guy? Not cocky here but some things about me so u can tell me what you think, I'm quite muscular, in a muscular sense I'm the biggest guy at my school, I'm captain of our football team, I'm pretty smart (not the smartest in the world but I average at Bs) and I'm nice to people mostly unless I dislike them and generally I make people laugh. Do these trait and things ran anything to u when looking for a guy?


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  • Things I like in a guy are confidence, caring, kind, he's a gentleman & genuine, funny, fun, goal oriented, good morales, & a guy i can feel comfortable with. :) All ur traits sound good to me. :) Do u feel that they are a problem?

    • No I just don't know how to approach girls in that way I feel like I don't have desired trait maybe

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    • Not really sure lol

    • Oh okay then lol.

  • What traits would attract me to a guy?
    - caring
    - kind
    - honest
    - funny
    - can be serious but be easy going too
    - smart
    - open minded
    - hard working
    - good morals
    - supporting
    (^ not in any order)

    About you, well, you seem fine. Your traits do fall on my list but you should try looking for a girl who you click with. It may be scary and risky to be somewhat blunt about wanting to be in a relationship with her, but you never know if you don't try. :)

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