Dreams vs real life?

Have you guys ever had problems telling the difference between a dream memory and a real life memory?

i know this sounds really stupid but i have a handful of memories that could be either and I can't tell the two apart :/

tell me I'm not crazy!!!


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  • Those were probably memories from past lives IF you remember them clearly.

    • Ooooo I just got chills :/ maybe!

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    • It's just me in these memories. I find this fascinating!

    • I would be very interested if I had those memories too. For example, my father still remembers a "dream" in which he was in front of control console in front of a giant glass window that stared out into space. You might want to record these into a journal and try to piece together a story. What are these dreams telling you? How do you personally feel in those dreams? What do you think triggered these dreams? When did these dreams occur? Try and guess the time period of the dreams too (it could be futuristic).

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  • I do but they're centered around an accident I had and was on very high doses of morphine when I was in the burn unit ICU so I know I was hallucinating but I don't know which is real

  • It has happened but thankfully the crossover was not too serious. I would say it happens to us all and once they are not serious issues, don't worry about them.
    Obviously if they are maybe think about professional guidance.

    • Oh no, they're not about big things. They're little details that could or could not be true :/

      Glad to know I'm not the only one though

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