Scared Straight: What goes through your mind?

I think it's sad and somewhat works and doesn't. Like I think, for some, it works and changes their asses. But for others, it's just gonna make them ready. Some leave out probably traumatized. Like they still gonna go back to that environment that got them there in the first place, so it might not work. I don't know. I just think they still gonna go back to where they came from, gonna know what's coming in their future, and be ready. But some are changed for the best. I just don't know.


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  • Some people are intrinsically good.
    You don't need to reward them to do something good , the feel good feeling of being a good person is enough to make them a model citizen.
    Some people just like to watch the world burn.

    • Oh yeah good feeling feeds a family, forgot how that works. Remind me?

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    • A man can be bankrupt not by choice but to be morally broke that's a conscious decision they are making.

    • Yeah, you are still not getting my point and if anything, I'm assuming you're from a good neighborhood and life if you think that. Have fun with that viewpoint, it isn't like that for everyone.

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  • Lol I liked when they made one of the kid eat an orange xD

  • I honestly think it's funny. I'm sorry. Down vote me. I don't care.