Question for Vegan & Vegetarian GaG users, who do you think has the more idiotic arguments/justifications, meat eaters or creationists?

I'd say the ones put fourth by meat eaters are more idiotic. Besides, at least creationists can keep their beliefs to themselves while meat eaters force their eating habits on others.

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  • If I might note, the term creationism would seem to suggest a relatively specific argument (at least based upon my own personal connotation, opinions may vary). However your reference to arguments used by meat eaters feels rather vague. There are certain arguments meat eaters could make that might perhaps be rather disagreeable, but which are not necessarily idiotic. Lumping all arguments and potential arguments they might make together, would seem to make the question somewhat difficult to answer. Or at least highly open to interpretation.

    Given that however, there would indeed seem to be quite a few arguments offered in defense of eating meat which would seem, as compared with creationism, to be equally or more lacking in a strong scientific foundation. What about plants being a good example, which would seem absurd in several respects. Overall which group's arguments are more 'idiotic'? I would say probably some of those used by meat eaters, but again that's a pretty big category.

    It might be said though, it doesn't seem true that creationists keep their views to themselves. The issue of creationism/evolution in schools is still a thing I believe.

    What what I do perhaps find a bit odd is that either group would feel the need to argue to convince others to share their beliefs. Vegans and vegetarians at least in theory are acting on what they feel is a moral imperative. Creationists might in theory be spreading the word of god I suppose? Although it makes me wonder if God really cares if everyone knows exactly how the world was supposedly made? I mean was that an important point in the bible? But what is meat eaters motivation? I would expect an entirely cliche one.


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  • Actually it's the people that don't eat meat that try and convince ME not to. One time I was eating steak in front of this girl I was fucking around with and she told me she never wanted me to kiss her again and then she twisted one of my nipples like 720 degrees. Can you imagine if I had done that to her?

    • #Facepalm This is exactly what I'm talking about. Meat eaters constantly accuse vegans and vegetarians of forcing their "beliefs" on others while at the same time being so blinded by their moral arrogance that you cannot see that the only one who's forcing their eating habits on others is you in that you force animals to suffer and die in appalling conditions because you are so self-righteous that you would believe that satisfying your taste buds could justify taking the life of another animal. That is what I meant by forcing your eating habits on others.

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    • That's when it's empty and doesn't have food in it but even with food in it an omnivores stomach pH is less than 1.

    • After having this conversation I've actually been reading up and watching videos on veganism. I might try it once I'm finished with all the meat in my fridge. Only sucky thing is b-12 and iron deficiency but that can easily be fixed. I'll give it a shot though. It's not really because I give any shit about animals, but more about the fact that I want to eat what humans are meant to eat.

  • Eat whatever you want, I don't care. I'm too busy devouring slaughtered innocent animals.

    • "Eat whatever you want, I don't care. I'm too busy devouring slaughtered innocent animals." so you wouldn't care if someone cut a child into pieces and devoured him or her before your eyes?

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    • No response? Claims were probably bullshit anyway.

    • No they're not, you just responded when I got a lot of responses on my other questions so it slipped my mind, but I've been working out intensely for 3 years and have been vegan for about 2 :)

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