How do I get rid of my prejudices and stereotypes?

I find that these superstitions hinder me a great deal and prevent me from being more open and understanding to others.

For example, I think homeless people are more likely to be dangerous so I tend to avoid them (unless they come to me). Maybe I should try to identify these prejudices and stereotypes? (I might be able to use my emotions to determine whether they really are prejudices/stereotypes or not).


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  • The fact that you aknowledge that your harbor some stereotypes that you need to get rid of means that you already fulfilled the first step. Now, you need to leave your comfort zone and try to actually go out and approach these people and know about their life styles and engage in an honest conversation with them. Understand that we are humans and can differ hugely from each other. Even if you compare yourself with the group you identify yourself with, you will realize you are not exactly the same too.


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  • Get educated

    • Good idea, I'm considering getting a Masters or go into research

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    • Yes they do

    • So according to this Urantia Book (, it says that the way to social brotherhood depends on these personal and planetary adjustments: social fraternity (exchange of cultures), intellectual cross-fertilization (exchange of national and racial literature), ethical awakening (condemnation of intolerance, fratricidal strife, national envy and racial jealousy and to seek spiritual insight), political wisdom (emotional maturity), and spiritual insight (recognition of the fatherhood of God and mutual understanding and fraternal love).

      I suppose I will try my best to accomplish these on a personal level then.

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