Admiring nature helps me with my depression and anxiety?

Has anyone also had a profound experience with nature in this way? I suffer from depression and anxiety that I don't take medicine for. On some days it's unbearable and makes me feel unable to do anything. I often feel very angry at the world because of this (sounds stupid, but it's the easiest way to put it). Recently, I started to spend more time alone in the woods and just sitting in front of ponds and streams, admiring the nature and the animals within it. This really brings me a feeling of peace and gives me a reason to feel positive about the world. Sometimes I'm afraid to go into the woods alone, because I have an irrational fear of someone attacking me, but I think it will become easier to deal with the more I visit the woods.


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  • Well, being in serene natural setting is actually very calming so its not surprising.

    You're fear is not irrational though, someone could attack you in the woods. Lots of murders occur in remote places.


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  • I admire your fortitude in fighting your depression without meds (and all the problems that come with them) but I don't recommend going in the woods alone. You should maybe join a walking society or something.

  • Yes. I go to the park to play soccer by myself because it takes me away from my problems for the time being. Being in a field of green is really soothing


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