Why would you stare at someone?

I hung out with a friend today and the whole time, I kept getting stares. She kept telling me that people were looking at me. She kept getting weirded out. When we walked into yogurtland , these group of guys just stared at me and I just put my head down because I'm kind of awkward. This older man (around his 60s kept staring at me with a blank expression) and his wife told him to quit staring because it's rude. I wasn't wearing anything revealing. I was wearing jeans, a halter gray blouse, and a black cardigan with some sandals. In case you were wondering. I went to the restroom to check if I had something on my face or behind but i didn't.
Later on that day, i went to dinner with my family and I walked ahead of them and I was on my phone. I passed by a table and my grandma, as soon as we sat down, started talking about how the girl was looking at me. The teenage girl who was sitting on the table I passed looked at me with a disgusted face and turned all the way to see me and she kept looking at me as I sat down. It was weird because she was with her family too and they stared at me the entire time that my family felt uncomfortable and we had to leave. I didn't catch that because I was on my phone but my uncle and my mom said the same thing. I dont even know her.
A couple days ago, I was at the doctors and I noticed my mom acting weird. I asked her what's wrong and she said that the lady has been staring at me for a couple minutes. I don't know but I've been noticing that a lot lately and, as someone who is dealing with anxiety, it's soo uncomfortable.
Why would you stare at someone?

by the way I'm just really confused by the stares and I just want some opinions on it

There have been other times this has happened to me but I want to keep it short and post the most recent ones. Thanks for the feedback btw:)


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  • They may be staring at you cause you're really pretty, but I would assume that it's something more than that, considering the people who were staring at you.

    • Thank you :) yeah I find it really weird how the girl, the older man, and the lady stared at me...

    • Yeah, well I hope you figure out what's going on and hopefully it'll be a good thing.

    • Haha thank you :)

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  • Well, why not

    • It's pretty rude and weird to stare at someone. Don't you think?

    • Iyo, iyo

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