Why when I ask a girl to hangout I get no response or a yes but then they just act like it never happened?

I really feel like I'm a good guy. I don't have perfect social skills but I'm open and down for whatever. I'm loyal and will break my back to help someone. Yet nobody really seems to want to be my friend. It doesn't really make since to me because I talk and am friendly to a lot of people and it's always just hi or bye but never real friends. I ask girls to hangout not even dating then I always get lies. This girl was at my college that I have known for years she brought a lot of my old classmates so I asked her if she wanted to go to hangout and see if there's any party's she never responded and I saw her at the party. I feel like I would never do something like that. Plus when she came I tried to help her get acclimated. The couple times I have gone with people they would do shit like ditch me. At places and leave and never tell me what they are doing. I go to parties and have a good time but I never have any one my age to just talk too I am always left out of groups. Is there something wrong with me I feel like I'm genuine kind hearted and friendly.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you.
    You are just befriending shady people.

    I would try to surround myself with a different group of people.


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