I'm so confused and just need help?

This new boy just started school with me and he's really cute. I have his number and we text a lot but only because I text him first. Should I stop? He told me he liked this other girl. But then he found out that I liked him and it was kind of awkward and he said " we can pretend like this conversation didn't happen if you want to" is that good or not? We talk in the halls at school sometimes but I can't tell if he likes me or not. WHAT DO I DO? Should I ask him if he likes me? Or no! Or just not hang out with him anymore? Oh and my screen saver on my phone is a picture of me and him. When I think about him I get this feeling in my stomach. Guys... what would you want a girl to do? Girls... what would you do?


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  • well which of the two of you does he like to hang with more? thats all you need to know.


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