Why dont I ever get asked out?

i never get asked out. like i hardly ever do. but there's been times where guys did end up liking me but they never asked me out. i always find out way later.

my friends and coworkers always get hit on. im really friendly. im quiet at first but i get over it right away. people always like me because they say im so nice and sweet and funny. so its not like im a bitch or anything. theyve said customers have flirted with me and I've flirted back but i never noticed. i dont get anyones number though. they have.

i have found out way later that some guys actually did like me. by the time i find out, its too late

but how would i have known if they never asked me out? no one ever does


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  • Well if you are truly open and funny, then the only other reason you're not being asked out is because you may be so attractive that guys automatically assume they won't have a chance with you.

    But you know, you could start approaching men yourself too.

    • i dont think im that pretty. people tell me im cute and such. and one of the guys i used to like told me i was hot. but im not that pretty. and at work, i dont feel like the uniform flatters me. i look weird. i do my best to look nice but i dont think im that attractive. outside of work, i usually wear a tshirt and jeans. once in a while i dress girlier. i do my hair and makeup though.

      my friend told me to start approaching guys but i get nervous.

    • Everyone gets nervous. Just go for it.

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  • If guys like you and flirt with you then there's nothing wrong with the way you look
    Maybe being a bit more flirty/forward to give guys more opportunity to ask you out
    Guys get nervous too so I always think it's good to be confident

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