Girls, how would you react in this situation?

You're suddenly transported for a couple months (before you can finally go back to your year) towards before you were even born.

There is a guy that wants to go out on a date with you but upon seeing his looks (his younger self) or knowing his name and last name... he's none other than your father.

  • Grossed out... try telling him I'm his daughter in the future
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  • Keep him as a friend, he'll probably won't believe I'm his daughter
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  • Ignore him without giving him any explanation
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  • Other
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  • Lol, clever idea, I'd be like um that's really sweet but I see you like a brother haha


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What Girls Said 2

  • Not to be blunt but even if he wasn't my father, he isn't someone I would even be attracted to. I would probably kindly reject the offer and walk away, ignored him afterwards.

  • i would ignore him.