Question about depression?

before i start i want to say that im aware this isn't a site meant for these types of questions but i honestly have no where else to post it.

I've struggled with depression for about 5 years.
i never got help although i was told numerous times to do so,
lately i've come to the realization that my depression doesn't come up in my life all that much anymore.
i'm a bit confused, as i really had bad problems with it, it brought in multiple other problems that i struggle with still today. but i don't seem to feel 'depressed', or empty, if you will.
is this because i've become numb to the feeling of it? or so used to feeling this way that i no longer read into my emotions as much as i used to be able to? i think im 'happy' but there are times where it really hits me hard and i get suicidal for a short period of time. these times don't happen all that often, but once every few days/occasionally to the point of every other day? (i consider it to be not often since it used to be 24/7). i don't understand if this is a normal thing everyone has or if im just becoming blind to my problem.
any advice? sorry it's so long by the way i just didn't know how to word this.
also, on that note i wanted to state that i'm not searching for anyone's charity or pity. i just want to know if anyone else has dealt with this type of thing in the past.
thank you.


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  • I've had the same thing for years. Just periodic episodes of severe depression. It comes and goes.


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