If you had the chance, would you grow a golden 'stache?

Haha beat this random question!

If you had a chance, guys, or girls, if you want, to grow your facial hair out of pure gold...

Would you?


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  • No, I wouldn't like people trying to steal my face. Where I live it'd be extremely dangerous and I'd most likely die beheaded. xD

    • Yaya.

      Although, if u think about it, the price of that 'stache would amount to a total of maybe 200-300 dollars only.

      Cuz it's just thin facial hair.

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    • $300 at a time...

    • But then I wouldn't sell just the mustache, I'd sell the whole beard. It'd go way faster!

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  • This goes in my list of top ten GaG questions.

    No, I wouldn't.