I talked with people from my deleted account. If the account is deleted are the private conversations also deleted?


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  • Yes, your private messages would be deleted as well cause your account becomes inactive 😆 😜 💘

    • heck yeah, that's good news, thanks man!

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    • noo i forgot to delete them! ahhh crap. hope that person doesn't have our conversation anymore. lol i did a very stupid and embarrassing thing.

    • Yeah, well I'm sure they will eventually delete. i had some people who were my followers
      deleted their account and I just deleted the private messages we talked

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  • If you mean GAG, Yes... It says "Not active anymore."
    Good luck. xx

    • so my name and the conversations are all gone? lol thanks, feels like Christmas in September.

    • Yes, sweetie, "Not active anymore." And Happy holidays!!:)) xxoo

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  • on what website.

    • this one, girlsaskguys.