Tips on bringing my boyfriend to meet my family?

My family is crazy. They have no boundaries, don't think before they speak, love terrifying my boyfriends, are incredibly loud, and my grandma and mom drinks too much wine at gatherings. His family is very put together and calm. We are having to fly home for my birthday and I'm scared they are going to scare him away.


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  • Well that will be interesting lol.

    • Well that isn't too helpful...

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    • Tried that. Have you ever had to meet a girlfriend's family that was kind of... Eccentric?

    • Nope sorry all the parents I've met have been pleasant.

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  • Prepare him to Meet the parents and tell him to just ignore them if they go Overboard, and to get Used to it until they get Used to him.
    Good luck and be safe. xxoo


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  • Just go for it he will ither swim or not


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