Guess the tv theme songs, can you guess them right?

I was playing this game today and you have to listen to clips of a bunch of theme songs past and present and try to guess them right. I thought it was fun, so I thought I'd share it with everyone here.

Here's the first one :

Here's the second on:

Here's the thrid one:

On the first one I got 43/ 110
On the second one I got 36/110
On the the third one I got 21/110

Good luck to anyone who decides to play and a little hint, it's best to listen to the theme songs before you play the game and write down the ones you know because once you hit play the clock starts and you won't have time to do that.

If you play the game, let me know how you do and how many you got right. Have fun :)


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  • I got 12 in the first one, 12 in the second one and 5 in the third one :( haha I don't watch that much tv, I guess. But it was a really fun game lol I'm following this question so I can show my sister. She's gonna love it.

    • Good, I'm glad you like it. That Sporcle game site has all sorts of timed quizzes and stuff, that's all it is. It has many categories from music to history. So, if you like quizzes you should check it out.