If you don't like someone, is it easier to find fault in them?

Or are you worthy of the supreme court?

  • I know I do.
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  • I don't. I'm very objective.
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  • I try not to be, but sometimes I slip up.
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I guess I also should have asked for examples. If you have any, and you have the time, please list an example.


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  • It's only natural to see more negative, and less positive, in people you do not like.

    I don't truly dislike many people in my lifetime, so I'm not the best to test this theory on. You know I'm a big sweetheart. ;-)


What Girls Said 4

  • When you like someone , they seem the brightest human being in world.
    Even you know they have some faults you just do not admit.
    Love is magical. Sometimes it is so shiny that it makes you blind :)

  • Its easier to find fault because you would theoretically seek faults in them. Examples can exists in friendships. I chose option B, but sometimes its not always the case because we're human.

  • Usually when I don't like someone it's me trying to find good things in them instead of faults

    • Can you give me an example please?

    • I just don't like to have enemies, and sometimes you CAN get along
      and become friends

  • if if don't like someone I can't pretend to like them and I usually ignore them.. so I would say yes their faults would shine through.

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