Why has everyone got a boyfriend apart from me?

All if my friends seem to have bfs and seem to get bfs so easy where I just don't seem to be able to. I get A lot of male attention and A lot of men but I never want any of them to be my boyfriend. I never like anyone enough? I find most men seem to want me for sex too. I'm really bored of being single now I kind of want a boyfriend but not just anyone. My friends get bfs straight away as soon as they go on a date. But me I have been single for 4 years now I feel like I'm going to be single forever. I just want a caring nice genuine boyfriend not a Freind with benefits. That I only see for sex and nothing more


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  • Women of western countries are themselves responsible for friends with benifit shit culture. They should have never encouraged auch friendly sex contracts widely accepted by young girls and Now you are victim of that because friends with benefits is still common and men find it cool to have a "sex girlfriend and no tension" which makes them less serious towards relationship.

    Also you seem to be very picky while your friends have wider range of acceptability for men. So how will you get a genuine boyfriend easily in such conditions?


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  • ''I never want any of them to be my boyfriend. I never like anyone enough'' maybe you could start with actually giving some guys a chance?

  • That is because you like none of the candidates. To have a boyfriend, at some point you have to say "yes" instead of "no".

    • It's just hard I just never seem to like anyone. I'm not going for looks either there just is no spark for me ever

    • Well, your infatuation is YOUR reaction. Find a guy who does give you a spark, then.

  • picture please.

    • There u go

    • You kind of look like a pornstar/cheap escort. Perhaps if you change your appearance, you'll get a boyfriend.

    • But it's not the men it's my feelings towards them really I never get a spark and also I don't actually go out like my picture

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