My home burned down, what should I do?

I was just chillin in my home playing the new metal gear solid on a Saturday evening and all of a sudden a lot of yelling and screaming was taking place. I heard fire and got my valuebles and my dog. Fast-forward two days later, Im in a hotel with no place to call home. What do i do?

I lived in an apartment.


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  • Where are your parents in this manner? Did you live alone or with them?

    I'd stay at relatives for the time-being.
    If you have a job then chip in to pay rent until you get back on your feet.
    You can't always live at a hotel.
    You have to make a plan for yourself.

    <3 Sorry that your home burnt down.
    I'm glad you at least saved your valuables and dog.


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  • You contact your home insurance company and report it. I'm guessing this wasn't a fire in your unit but someone else's.

    The insurance company will help you make a claim to get all your stuff replaced. You could start by making a list of everything you had, the age and approximate value of each thing.


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  • what valuables did you save? anything else you might be able to be compensated for. do you still have stable Internet and phone for contacting people? like that you can use them any time you want? have you checked your online accounts?

    it might sound stupid compared to everything, but I'm really glad you saved your dog!!!

  • Tell the news, make the country feel bad about you losing everything. BOOM! Donatations start flooding in and yay! You have money to get a new place to live.


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  • Stop whining. Man up and fix the problem.