Is Canada a bad country to live in?

I am moving out of my stupid country and thinking of moving there is it a good country what are the pros and cons in living in Canada


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  • Pros:
    -high standard of living
    -very multicultural
    -beautiful, wide open spaces
    -safe and clean

    -very expensive in big cities
    -middling to poor public transportation
    -harsh weather (depending on where you live, very hot summers and very cold winters)
    -have to move where the work is


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  • its amazing here! the only problem is the weather, but other than that, the people are really nice, the food and sights are perfect, and we have very good education.


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  • I think Canada is a good country... love living here! During that last crash when a good majority of the other countries were affected by the US market, we were virtually unaffected.

    We have plenty of real natural open expanses to visit. We are a multicultural society that although has deep roots, we welcome change.

    Overall, it is quite safe compared to a lot of countries, and the people are generally pretty nice!

  • no, it's a very wealthy and peaceful country... just don't get eaten by polar bears, and you'd be cool.

  • That depends... if your European then you are welcome to move to Canada, but if you are of any other race, stay in your own country, Canada already has too many visible minorities, they dont need any more. Immigrants are everywhere and its sick seeing so many of them in Canada's cities.

    • You know there is a lot of lebanese people in Canada with great jobs that are contributing positively. They are bringing money to your country by working there and studying in your colleges.
      That s such a troll racist comment.

  • Freeish Heath care cheap schools