Vote a job for me?

  • Legal services (where you don't find a sense of belonging in it)
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  • Hospitality and tourism (where you love the job, but it pays too low and seems like a dead-end job)
    Vote B
  • Finance and investment (where you are yet to earn the qualification, and unsure if you will enjoy it)
    Vote C
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  • C bro. invest into your future.

    • Haven't done maths in too long. I bought some books consisting the entire syllabus for a degree in Finance, but seriously, it's just too much maths..

Most Helpful Girl

  • I say A.
    If you don't have financial problems then B.

    If you do and feel like a bigger paycheck will help, then A. I haven't met many business oriented people who felt a real sense of belonging in their jobs - community wise, not business wise.

    • Would you still say A if the extra sum you got is just 10% more than B, and the working hours for B is much shorter than A?

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    • Did I mention anywhere that job A pays high? It was only people's wishful thinking!

    • No but it was misleading since you only said anything about a low paycheck in the B option.
      Well, your best bet is to do what you think is best.

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