Not needing a boyfriend?

How can i convice myself that i can do anything on my own, I used to have a lot of boyfriends, i'm never single but right now i want to be single, i want to be independent, but i feel like i need love in my life someone to love me, but again every guy had hurt me... and i dont think i can handle any drama in my life, i want to live happily, show people that my life is intrestering and making every guy wishing he was a part of it, but how?


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  • It's mostly about finding something to focus on. Something consistent that requires your attention. Usually some kind of job that you can't afford to ignore does the trick. You eventually learn to control yourself, to stay focused, and to pay attention to only what's necessary.

    Leadership positions did it for me. No matter how hard I work, I am never good enough for the people that are relying on me. I work harder and harder to perfect myself for them, and outside distractions are just that: distractions.

    You should find your own thing to focus on but it needs to be important to you, down to the core. Not some one-shot hobby that you're going to give up in a week like drawing or working out. Something you actually enjoy doing during your free time, and then prioritize that.


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  • Get yourself a job, pay your own bills. That will go a long way toward proving your self worth to yourself. Outside of that, set small goals and then stick to the game plan to achieve them. The more you succeed the higher the bar you set. Keep raising the bar. With each small victory your confidence will rise and the more comfortable you will be on your own.

  • Girl and guy are created so BOTH CAN FIND tranquility, affection and mercy from each other.
    We are not like jigsaw puzzle pieces who are forced to find someone with a perfect fit, we have to leave status quo and adapt to the other piece if we want to FIND tranquility in our partner.

  • It's ok I love you 😍😘

    • You are sweet, but im serious:(

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    • from where i can get that guy?

    • Anywhere here.. Kik.. Twitter insta tumblr snap. Lots of places.

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