Your thoughts on the sexist row between Charlotte Proudman and the senior lawyer?

If you haven't heard, a senior lawyer who had sent a compliment to a young lawyer half his age, has now become so big that it could change the way we correlate between man and women in the workplace. The senior lawyer had sent a " your picture is stunning" compliment to said lady via a Linkedin profile picture. You can read more about it here:

What are your thoughts? Was she out of line with this? She has been labeled a feminazi for the attention she had garnered because of this incident over a compliment. Your take? Personally, I feel like it was way out of line for her to do that. She has ruined his life (wife + kids) after blatantly exposing him for something that was ment to be a compliment. If I were in that field of work, I would not like to involve myself with her in case of her potentially ruining my career and life, over something positive.


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  • Hmm... I don't think that it was sexist of him to send her that message, however I do agree with her that it was unprofessional. As she said, she was on there for business, not to receive attention based on her physical appearance. So I think that, to an extent, her reaction is correct but the way she went about it was wrong. She shouldn't have made such a big deal about it, she could have responded privately and more politely.

    • Well she did respond to him. She even posted the message via twitter, thats how it went viral

    • Like I said, she could have done it privately, meaning that I disagree with how she posted it on twitter.

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  • (Rolls eyes)

    Well, her words speak for themselves.

    The girl had psychological problems and some serious complexes.

    "His" career is not really that ruined. I didn't actually read her comments to him, until you shared that link. Now that I did, I think it's pretty clear that she was just crazy. This poor guy is just looking to do something that's token nice and boost up her self-esteem and make her feel good (considering it's common knowledge that he's married with kids and not interested or looking to actually do anything with her). Then he gets that reaction?

    If anyone's career is going to suffer here, it's "her" career.

    She demonstrated more negative characteristics in her personality than anything remotely negative he demonstrated about his personality.

    So, to a potential employer, now she's unemployable.

    To a potential opposing counsel, she's beyond the point of reasonably working together to reach a fair and balanced resolution to a dispute.

    During a jury trial, she's useless and toxic towards gaining jury appeal.

    During a bench trial, she's going to be a very highly polarized figure, either gaining hostile resentment from male and female judges, or gaining similarly crazed and frenzied support from an exceptionally rare number of female judges actually on the bench.

    This was the biggest tactical mistake of her career.


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  • It was way over the top. If a woman had said it to her would she then take that woman to court as well or if a woman had given the same compliment to a man would that be sexist and inappropriate I think not in this politically correct double standards victim culture. Because he's a man he's automatically painted as a monster while she is painted as a victim of a sexist workplace and a martyer for the feminazi cause. Wheres the equality?