What are your thoughts on the United Nations?

There's no way it's going to last if it doesn't undergo centralization (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centralisation ) to a functioning and efficent world government. I think we're heading in that direction though; it is inevitable but most likely not in our lifetimes (I'm placing my hopes on a "United Earth")



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  • On the contrary. It will last very precisely if it does NOT undergo centralization. A world government is the worst idea since religion - it will just not work. At least not in this century, not in the next and maybe not even in the one after that. A United Earth is something that I hope will never come at least not in my lifetime.

    Oh and the current UN is a joke pretty much. I mean the Secretary General's main duty is to be "concerned" about the situation in the world. That's his job. No, ok. The UN does partake in some aid campaigns but it as a method of preventing and monitoring wars, it's crap.

    • So the UN is basically just a failed model for an ideal world government right? Well, it's only appropriate considering that its predecessor (League of Nations) was a dismal failure too.

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    • Aliens my friend, aliens. There's no way alien human worlds will establish separate embassies in Russia, China, or the United States. Regardless, a United Earth will one day happen but very likely NOT in our lifetimes. I suspect there are secret societies that are working towards that though. Global warming will do more to advance the world into this sort of stage too. Man made genocides never ever work, but nature has her own genocides for humanity if we don't try something different.

    • What about aliens? You think that as soon as aliens appear, we will unite? Dude, if aliens appear and they are a threat to us, we're already dead. There won't be an independence day esque battle - they're gonna kill us in a few days or weeks.

      And as for catastrophies - they will only make us temporarily work togegher. Let's say an meteorite is comming and all of humanity has to work together to stop it. Even that won't leave to a one world government. We will stop the threath, drink shampagne and then gradually get back to hating each other.

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