Are any of you guys religious? If so, what religion are you?

I'm just curious who out there is religious or not and what religion are you, I find it interesting. Also, you could say you're spiritual if you're not really religious but if your religion is not that common (such as not being any form of Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam) then just give a brief description of what you do believe in. Thanks guys lol


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  • Uhm.. Spiritual, with a touch of Zen Buddhism.

    And.. a child of the law of one..
    the first and the last could be seen
    as the same.. somewhat.

    I don't consider myself religious, though
    and I don't have any traditions or rituals.

    What about you? ^.^

    • Spiritual agnostic. Agnostic basically means to me, god cannot be proven for sure. A higher being could exist, it could not I don't know. And what does "a child of the law of one" mean?

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    • Yeah, the last part only came to me recently
      I used to just say I was a Zen Buddhist. ^.^

      The Agnostic belief is also pretty close to mine, but I didn't just want to say Agnostic and call it a day
      so I looked more into it, and found my own version, of spirituality.

    • Nice :)

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  • I believe that existence is a fragmented consciousness that is subjectively exploring itself.

  • I'm not religious

  • Yes I practice a form of Christianity.


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