Why won't my mom let me get a job?

Ok so my mom won't let me get a job. I keep telling her that I need some goddamn money so I can get things for myself but she never listens to me. She tells me that I need to just focus on school Bc if I have a job they won't give me a grant/ scholarships or some crap. I want a part time or summer job but she still says no. Even though she doesn't have that much money to give me to buy things that I want and it's really fucking annoying. (Sorry not sorry)


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  • In most places you're legally too young

    • Well yes I know but I mean when I'm 16. Also some places allow 15 and 14.

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    • Ya I guess. But she's like oh I'll give you money if you do your chores on time and like she has a laminated chart thingy and I don't really use calendars or planners etc Bc I think they're a waste of time well not calendars but things that like plan out the day to the minute for me I just go with the flow. And she's hella A type personality and is really cannot stand it. I also don't want her money I want my own money.

    • I understand but once she gives you money its no longer hers and is yours

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