Does he think im easy?

so i met this guy on Saturday at a bar/night club, both were dancing and we ended up making out three times, and he walked me home.

We have been messaging eacother everyday since then, today its Tuesday, and he asked me if i was going to this event tonight. I didn't know what he was talking about so i said i would think about it, and i asked if he was going.

So he said "Im going if you're going :) after staurday i really want to see you again".. At first i got glad and a bit flattered, but then the thought that he might think im easy crossed my mind.

Am i ovethinking this? do you think he thinks im easy?

he followed up saying "but i dont mind satying in watching a movie, up to you :)" I dont know if i want to do it or not


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  • He have a crush for you (probably)

    Seeing each other isn't called easy. It's called easy when they try make you fall in love for him, that's where the thing gets easy/hard

    So if you wanna go, go ahead. If you feel like you want stay home, stay home.

    • a crush? creally? I dont know if i do want to go, but its still early so i guess iƦll think about it

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    • oh, i see

    • Anyway it's up to you if you want stay home or go party again.

      Do what you think it's better and according to your mood.

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  • I think he wants to spend time with you.

    Easy? I don't get that impression from what you've written. I think he is trying to make it easier for you to say yes to either a movie or an event. However, you won't really be able to tell until it's you two together and you see how vibe off each other.

    • oh, i see.. im just being paranoid then ^^

    • I don't know if you're being paranoid but where do relationships start? They have to get off the ground somehow. Unless somebody gives somebody else a chance, there will be no relationships happening. Go the event, watch a movie, whatever, delay and meet for ice-cream on Saturday morning, but it has to start somewhere. If you like him, go on a date with him away from your home and see how you connect.

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  • you kissed him, you didn't sleep with him... thats hardly easy.

    Go, enjoy yourself, he wants to see you again, get to know him and then think about another level. This is how us oldies used to meet guys and date :)

    • i guess you're right... he also suggested us watching a movie.. but i dont know if i want a stranger in my house lol

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    • good idea :)

    • you kids today... ;)

      We were not allowed boys around at your age so we had to find these places to get up to no good, now you want to go to the same places to not get up to no good... oh how times have changed and I feel old :*(

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