Is it possible to forge my moms signature for my passport and not get caught?

I dont actually care if I get caught

what info do passports check. I know forgery is illegal but frankly I've had worse illegal things happen to me

When I applied for my 16+ passport I had to fill in my mothers passport info. Is it the same with a replacement passport?

im trying to find my father. I've found his address and full name on my own but haven't found the door number. He was applying for guardianship n my mother always failed to sort out the dna tests. She deleted his number and all texts without even noting it for me. This from a woman who has 40 3ft stacks of paperwork or documents or crap sitting on the lounge floor when she's trying to find a few old letters. I gonna get my dad to be my guardian and then get a new passport. Im 18 in 5 months and it will probably take that long anyway

my neglective mother abandoned me when I was younger and she is telling the social services to keep my passport in their safe until Im 18

i went abroad alone for my 17th birthday for many reasons. id been looking forward to my 17th for years. I wasn't gonna let people make my celebration of my birth days be shit anymore.
I needed the break.

I had plans to go abroad for Christmas I NEED to get out I the country for the 4 year anniversary of when my mothers 58 year old boyfriend raped me when I was 13. I can't stay around here. I want to go somewhere that makes me happy. Since I was 12 the only time I've been happy was on my 17th. I made it what I wanted. Even before 12 is a depressing blur

there's no legal way to get my passport. Im not 18 yet I accept it. BUT by having my passport or going abroad Im not doing anything illegal (the British can go abroad alone from a young age)

i can't even go to college, work, get a bank account, benefits, housing, travel card or go to the cinema without my passport (only photo id I have + in order to get one of the very few options of id at my age you need your passport for proof of id 1st)

So my reasons are justified


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  • You could but it 5 years in prison if you get caught

    • In the end she agreed to get it back and give it to me. Missed my flight just before my birthday anyway. Now I'm 18. Still. What an intriguing question.

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  • Wow. It sucks living in UK then.

    Are you good at forging signatures? ☺️ The only time I use a passport is for travel only but otherwise I just use my driver's licence only.

    • It's just that I didn't have a drivers license otherwise I think that's what most people use or student id

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