From Toronto and I want to ask are bars and clubs just an illusion of what it is and what are the req in getting in?

So I have been thinking about going to a club or bar alone so that I can improve on my social skills and get to know more people and to just have fun and enjoy my time. Is getting into a club in Toronto hard like is it true that you need to fall into social circles just to get in there? If a guy were to go alone what's his chances of getting in if he follows the right dress code? Is it even worth it trying to approach women there as well? Do you have to be more on the spendy side when going to a club or bar?


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  • no bro... don't go to a club on yer own especially at a young age... u might pass as a weirdo... i was all alone at a club when i was 19... and EVERYONE else xcept one guy in his 30s... was wid a friend or they were in a group...

    well a gal who was workin at a bar realised i was alone so she started teasin me about it and she realised i was very young as well... i was feelin really uncomfortable but after havin some drinks i started to become more comfortable and i was teasin her back... of course she wouldn't take me seriously since she was like in her mid-20s...

    and bad thing's i had to stay there till morning... since i was afraid to go home all alone at night... so i had like 6-7 drinks dis night so i could kill ma time somehow...

    anyway... no matter where do u live... if u wanna go to a club/bar don't go alone... ;)