What does it mean, when you say "sweetie" to somebody? Which kind of person would you call so?

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  • The only person I call this way is my girlfriend. I would never call anyone else this way. But this is also partially a cultural thing. People from the German speaking area (Germany/Switzerland/Austria) tend to be very economical with showing affection, whether it's verbally or physically. For example we also don't say "I love you" to a friend because he made a hilarious joke. Most of us don't even say "I love you" to our parents or best friends. It's something very serious for us that we only say to our partner and only in certain, more serious situations. I think we don't like to show our feelings too much, which is why I also wouldn't call anyone except from my girlfriend a sweety even if I like that person very much.

    • Woah, that is a deep thing then. I live in a german speaking country and can only assure that they use it here a lot, so I wondered. Good to hear your opinion, thanks for the time.(:

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    • So do you actually call a lot of people "sweetie/sweety" or the Swiss equivalent of that? I mean, maybe it's different since you're a girl and a teenager on top of that but I neither hear nor say it frequently. Do you call your girlfriends sweety?

    • Oh and what I also meant to say with the cultural difference is that in America, it is also deemed okay to call strangers "sweetie" or "hun". I don't know if you've ever been to the US and how well you know about this but when you go to a bar or a casual restaurant such as a brunch restaurant, bartenders or waitresses would sometimes call you "sweetie" or "hun" if you're below the age of 35 or so (particularly in the south). You'd probably agree with me that we're very far away (culturally speaking) from this sort of thing. If a waitress in a Swiss restaurant or café called a customer "hun", he/she would just stare at her as in "what the hell did you just call me? We don't even know each other!"

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  • For me it mean your a female bartender and I should be cut off


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