Why people lack respect here?

Yesterday I was supposed to ask a question anonymously…. i clicked “don’t allow anon” by mistake whilst I wanted to click “ask anonymously”…mistakes can happen especially if u r used to click “don’t allow anon”….

Unfortunately if u click da 2nd box then u can’t go anon if u asked da question wid yer name…. only choice’s to wait 24 hrs so u can diavow yer question….

Anyway…. after I realized ma mistake…I stated on da updates I don’t wanna have any answers for dis question since I’m gonna disavow it once I can…but I got more than 10 answers there…

So my question’s y people don’t respect some asker’s decision?


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  • there are no such rules that state opinion givers must respect the question asker in their own post.

    if they want to then they will, if they feel like being a dick then they will.


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