For those who read the alchemist can u help me out?

For those who read the alchemist can u help me out?

going to school/work had me likeA video posted by randomturtle (@randomturtle) on Sep 15, 2015 at 8:24am PDT

1) according to the book, is there such a thing as coincidence? How does it relate to the term "maktub"
I answered it by saying the idea of fate and destiny that he met the crystal merchant and worked for him and after that decided to let go of the dream and follow his personal legend
2) before Santiago goes into the desert they crystal merchant tell him; sometimes there is just no way to hold back the river.
i am not sure of the answer of this question I think it is related with the idea that he made him follow the wealth horizon? And the idea of tea in crystal glasses for people?

Sorry the link in the top lol


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  • 1. Did you read the book?

    2. Am i going to get the grade or you?

    • I just wanted to make sure if I understand it correctly didn't want anyone to answer for me...