Babes, How can I be the star?

There's a huge party coming and i need to be a hit among guys and girls. I need to have a perfect outfit, amazing dance moves, killer smile such as social skills to meet new people so i need to seem aproachable and need to know how to start good converstations. Can you guys help me? Any oponion will help thanks :)



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  • well if you are hot you won't need to try hard girls are valued solely on their looks to be brutally honest

    • I'm aware, but i want to be more than that, I want to be the girl with amazing looks, sexy dance and at the same time don't be affraid of approach a guy and complimenting a girl to meet new people

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    • want to be the center of attention

    • I have to admit it, yes but also i want to challenge myself

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  • If you want to be the talk of the party I would suggest running butt naked through it

    • ahah good idea but not on the sense. I want this to be the party that will upgrade my social life and at the same time challenge myself

    • Oh then I can't help lol

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