Stay out of love or out of guilt?

Let's say you finally found the love of your life, your soul mate, your other half. You're engaged to this person and you're both excitedly planning the wedding.

But unfortunately some horrible accident happens and leaves your partner burned, disfigured, limbs are amputated, and infertile. Your partner will always require you to take care of them.

Woukd you you stay with this person? Would you stay out of love or guilt?

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  • Wow this is intense! In the end it comes down to one question - do you love him enough to stay? If the answer is yes then stay. If the answer is no, then don't. Love needs to be wholehearted; if you've been planning your lives together then there's obviously something about the relationship, and if you truly love the guy then caring for him should never be a chore. It'd be hard, granted, but if there's love there then it won't be nearly as difficult!


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  • I would still love them the same.