My best friend sent me some concerning messages and fell off the face of the earth. What should I do?

Okay so on Sunday (September 13, 2016) my friend sent some concerning messages which didn't really sound like her usual self. She said that she had to go "do something" and "I'll text you tomorrow" So I said "Okay, I'm here if you need me. I love you." to which she read and said goodbye. After that she hasn't sent me anything. I decided to message her. She didn't reply. I keep sending her messages but she never reads them. I'm worried. She's been depressed a lot. I can't stop crying. I tried contacting her mother (she doesn't have a father) through facebook but I never got a reply. I'm not sure what to do GAG. I'm scared. What should I do?


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  • Go to her place. Check her condition.

    • I wish I could but I've never been to her house. We met in school and skyped and texted a lot. I'll try to find her address.

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