Is there something that I can wear to calm myself down?

I seem to be very depressed and it is getting worse (I almost start brusting into tears in the middle of class) Is there a bracelet that I could wear to help smooth myself or something like this? Every idea helps. Thanks!

I meant sooth not smooth (sorry)


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  • "Is there a bracelet that I could wear to help smooth myself" Why are you lumpy?

    • one that was hurtful. I mean like calm down to relax myself

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  • Uh, talk to a therapist... there's no such thing as magic bracelets... why are you depressed? If you're not sure about any real reason, you might need medication. If you do know the reason, work on whatever it is, or get therapy to help you get over it. And maybe if you figure out why, there could be something you could keep with you or wear as a reminder of the good things and that you'll be okay. But it would be something personal to you, that gives you strength, maybe a special item from a friend or family member that is special to you.

    • Therapist are scary. and I know why and I can't fix it

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  • Maybe you have a hormone problem or something.

    I used to be really depressed until I got a new room that was painted bright orange with other happy colors.

    You could find some new happy songs that you like and listen to them when you aren't with people to keep you happy.

    Maybe go on a vacation somewhere.


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