I constantly think I smell bad?

This is weird but I constantly think I smell bad. How can I tell if I actually do smell or if it's in my head?

I workout 5 days a week and I always shower everyday. Even when I shower I'm afraid I still smell so I put on a little body spray. Then when I'm in public in my classes I'm either afraid I smell bad or I put too much perfume on. I'm so self-conscious about it and it just started happening the past couple years. I do sweat at night if I have too much covers on and anohter thing is I have a tendency to pass gas a lot in the morning. Part of me thinks I'm over-reacting about how much I smell.

Does anyone else have this problem? How can I tell if I actually do smell or if it's in my head?

I also have the same problem with thinking my apartment smells, then I put on my wax warmer, which then causes it too smell good (sometimes the smell is overbearing) but I prefer that as long as I don't think my apartments smells bad.

How can I tell if it actually smells?


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  • Did someone once tell you that you smell bad?

    Ask a good friend whom you trust to tell you the truth.

    I doubt you smell bad but you've become fixated on this and made it an issue.


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  • if others around you start moving away from you in public, you probably smell.

  • Sounds like OCD.

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