Does my boyfriend want this girl? please help?

im a 16 year old girl and my boyfriend and i have been together for about 7 months. 3 days ago at school i over heard his friend ask him if he would "fuck the new girl nikki" and he said "we already fucked... nah, but yeah i'd do her" and his friend was like "oh there she is now, you wanna schedule a hook up?" and then he looked over at her for a second then he turned back to his friend and smirked! i was behind him so he doesn't know i heard him but i was shocked! he never does this or check girls out.
today apparently he brought it up again at lunch. our mutual friend max told me that my boyfriend was asking him and a few other of his guy friends if they would sleep with nikki. like why would he bring her up and say stuff like that about her? everyone knows he has a girlfriend. so why would he talk about the new girl? I've never once seen them talk so they aren't even friends. does he think she's really pretty or something?

  • he wants her more and thinks she's prettier
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  • he wants her more but he thinks you're prettier
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  • he wants you more but he thinks she's prettier
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  • he wants you more and he thinks you're prettier
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  • he wants to be with her but doesn't know if she likes him
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  • he wants to be with you even if he knew she likes him
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  • With friends we neef to keep an image, what he said you can not take it seriously... but still it doesn't mean he will never do what he said...

    • other guys don't say things like this they just laugh or nod or agree but they don't say this!

    • if you say so then, why are you asking?

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  • he wants her more.


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  • It's called peer pressure. He said what his friends wanted to hear

    • no other guys with girlfriends don't say that

    • Aparently LuasO also thinks this way.
      He just needs to keep his friends happy. If he would have said she wasn't fuck material or that he had a girlfriend, his friends would think there was something wrong with him (Yes, friends are very mean, especially male friends who tend to take it to the gay side of things) so he kept the appearences. Said what they wanted to hear and "everyone" was happy (not you obviously).

      Men look at women, and yes we think of having sex with them, but it's like for a split second. It's not like we imagine lives together and think of sex all the time with them.

      I'd say you have nothing to worry about this incident. Stop thinking about her, cause he sure has stopped already

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