What do you think of my poem about my past love?

You and I's

When we first spoke, my heart was still,
No butterflies succumbed me, making me feel catastrophic,
Instead, walls were dropped around me, trying to protect me,
For I was not yet familiar of the world hidden behind your eyes,
Nor seen the soft innocence that was built in your humanity,

When you first spoke, I didn't see you as a friend of mine,
I remember the times where images of you were twisted and formed for the perception I wanted to have,
I remember speaking you with hardness, an edge that kept you at least a few miles away,
And I remember waiting for the moment where you would realize that my faith in you was gone before we even met,

I wanted you to realize that something in me was broken,
And this darkness that was inside of me, couldn’t be fixed by anyone’s touch,
For this darkness was a haze to me, a smoke that nobody could feel,
A poison that wasn’t felt nor detected until it killed the very spark in me,

What I didn’t realize was that your eyes had already carved into my soul before we even started talking,
And before I could show the demons inside of me and make you leave my world,
You have already seen that dimmed light in me,

And I remember having long lasting conversations in the middle of the night to the afternoons,
With you, time started to fade and this world that we both build dissolved to oness,
And I remember how before I even saw you as a friend, I saw you as something more,
And it wasn’t filled with red roses and a hurricane of butterflies,

Instead it embraced itself in a kind of love,
Something that was comfortable and soft yet unfamiliar,
And you felt that too because I could see the sincerity in your eyes,
And I could feel the longing you felt when we were away,
And I remember the times when all we di


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  • Very sweet.. Good for you to articulate your feelings and thoughts

  • its great!!

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