Why is this girl such a bitch?

THIS GIRL IS SUCH A BITCH TO ME! But at the same time she tries to be cool with me alittle, like to day she told me what's up and then a few mins later start picking on me it's not only her it's one of her friends and a stupid guy but her friend isn't as bad as her anyway she'll pick on me and then later she will say hey or knock-on the table when i ignore her to say something to me like asking for help, today she tried to give me a handshake, fist bump, and high 5 but I didn't do it because she's such A BITCH but I kinda think it's my fault I because I said I'm a G and a goon and shit also I said I make 50 cents on youtube they was laughing their ass off, that's when it seems like it started also the guy was cool at first but he was a total ass when his friend came around I guess he was trying be cool also she said I was gay when i was talking to my friend about ass but we use the terms cupcake pound cake and stuff to represent the size. Anyway i said its a cupcake with no icing. Later she going to have the nerve to ask me was in mad at her. Sorry for the long story but I just want to figure out if she's a friend or foe because she is acting in between them also I want to know if it is my fault because, I was bragging on my grades alittle.

Answer please
O YEA! I forgot to mention that she said I get all the hoes but I think she was teasing me or she know about girls who like me.


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  • Stupid people lives in all the fuckin world, try to put him out of your mind and atention and u can see how she leaves you alone.

    • Thank you man for the advice

  • great!, more high school drama