Can you sue someone for taking a picture or filming you without your consent?

I had a little party at my house and got a little drunk when one person there decided to film me.

I learned of this later and asked this person to delete them as I did not give them permission to film me. They refused.

can I sue them?


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  • it depends if it will cause any monetary loss or defamation of character if it is distributed. you'd have to prove that it is, which doesn't sound like an easy task. dont worry dude, we all do embarrassing shit, even if you do sue them it won't get rid of the video and in my opinion would just draw more attention to it!
    "why you getting sued"
    "because i have a vidoe of X doing Y"
    take it on the chin, people forget eventually!


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  • I am not a lawyer but my gut feeling is that the taking the pictures would not be seen as wrong because you invited them to the party but it gets interesting when they try to show it to anyone else so I would get legal advice maybe a letter along the lines that I will sue your ass off if you show these pics to anyone else then the pics become pointless so they might as well delete them.


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  • I have in the past.

    • Did you win? And does it sound like I have a case?

    • I had three different cases against three different people

      case 1. My club pics were used in local print ads without my permission
      case 2. Nude pics of me were circulated by an ex date
      case 3. Film of me having sex was circulated by an ex date

      Consult your lawyer re whether u have any legal grounds.

    • ps: I DID win... eventually :(

  • Technically speaking, yes you can.
    Practically, it requires money and patience.

  • No, you can't.

    Well you can but then you'd look like an idiot.

    • How so?

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    • Apparently you did not read. I already asked. They refused to do so.

    • What I meant was ask them again and threaten legal action against them.

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  • You can file a suit, but it will be thrown out. You have no expectation of privacy in this situation.

    • Even though it's at my house?

    • You were throwing a party and invited guests into your home. By inviting them into your home, you forfeit your privacy.

    • Are you a lawyer?

  • Since it is on your property I imagine.

  • Yes you can.

    • Does it sound like I have a case?

    • Your privacy was violated on your property and in possibly embarrassing situation. You've strong case.

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