What should I do for my birthday?

my birthday is coming up and i have like no friends so what do you guys think i should do


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  • Go out and do fun stuff with your family they are your blood

    • they dont like me haha any other ideas?

    • If you have no one at all it makes me sad to hear this You could go out alone but its tough doing that.

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  • Make it your birthday goal to go make a friend. And if you can't do it, don't beat yourself up, just have some cake and buy yourself something shiny.

  • Start keeping a journal of how miserable you are, so if you die everyone can feel sorry for you

    • oooh thats a good one, thanks ill be sure to mention you in my first entry tonight xx much love

    • No worries, I hope the best is yet to come for you and I'm sure it is

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