Help please, I'm struggling today?

So I got punched on a night out, and the guy left me with a ripped lip and a sore jaw... I went to A&E on the night, but it took ages so I left.

I haven't left the house since because I'm afraid of people looking and whatever... I'm hoping it'll get better, which it already has a bit.

What can I do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Put ice on your lip to minimize the swelling. Also get bacitracin for the cut. It should go away soon. Feel better! :)

    Also you don't have to be afraid to go outside.

    • Well I am because it's still very noticable. A police officer could stop me or whatever...

    • Why would a police officer stop you?

What Guys Said 1

  • Happens to the best of them, bro. No one will see that your jaw is sore, just that your lip is split. Sounds like some dude just stole on you, can't do much about getting sucker punched. I wouldn't worry about going into public with it. People might think you got in a fight, if they even notice, and they won't care either way. I wouldn't concern myself with the opinions of complete strangers.

    • True, I shouldn't. I'll problably go the a walk-in to see if there's any permanent damage.

      Yeah, it was a sucker punch... my mates were surprised I took it so well haha. I have no lost teeth.

      I was bleeding a lot, I remember that.

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