Whats the whole negative idea about wearing wrestling merchandise out in public?

This just came to mind between me and a few friends; We all enjoy watching wrestling, oftenly when there's a live PPV or just a show like Raw we all tend to meet up grab a few beers and watch through it. We have some shirts we own, couple of nights ago one of our friends came with the KO Kevin Owens shirt, at the bar we were at we got lots of funny looks then eventually asked to leave, we weren't being rude or disruptive so none of us really understood why.

We went to another bar after, we got a ton of funny looks there too, so we just decided to go home early.

I've always got people look down on people who like wrestling because it's fake, I've known it's fake for the past 15 years of my life, I watch it for story purposes if I wanted to watch actual fighting I would watch the UFC, which we all do anyway.


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  • People per-judge very quickly and unfortunately... wearing a WWE T-shirt is going to yield certain responses. What you wear is a representation of who you are, it's a statement.

    Now, i liked poke'mon as a kid. Heck, if they made a pokemon game app i'd probably play it on my phone today but if i... a 29 year old man wears a poke'mon t-shirt? What's that going to say about me? Nerdie, live at home loser is probably what people will assume.

    When you wear a WWE Tshirt it will yield all the negative stereotypes of their fans (which i am sure you are aware of). Personally i don't care if you like WWE but if i saw you.. i'd throw you in the same boat as UFC affliction shirts and Gravedigger monster truck crowd.

    Another example.. my friend has tattoos on his hands and regrets it everyday. While he's a socially adjusted normal guy, professionally.. it hinders clients and affects his ability to do business.

    So yes, it sucks that people judge but it's part of society... and be lucky you can hang those t-shirts up and wear them safely around close friends and family.. but if you're out.. you will get rolled eyes and snickers.


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  • I would think that it is okay to wear wrestling merchandise or comic merchandise - I view it the same as sports merchandise.

  • It's because "professional wrestling" is associated with ignorant rednecks and mindless entertainment. But, it really is not much different than other forms of entertainment...

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